All’s Right with the Universe

I was filled with a trepidation.
Butterflies were banging against my rib cage,
but I didn’t know why.Something was in the air,
I sensed a change coming.
I went to work feeling strangely uneasy.
As the day went on, it was anti-climatic,
no phone calls, no emails, no summons to the principal’s office.

This morning was busy, busy, busy.
It was late morning before I pulled up my email.
Then I saw it- the reason I had been feeling so anxious.
The message was brief- thanks, but no thanks.
We’ve chosen someone else to fill the position.

I wasn’t surprised, and emotions were swinging
from disappointed to vaguely relieved.
If things had gone the other direction,
I think I would have eventually felt trapped here.

The universe will align itself to point me in a different direction,
my destiny will eventually take me elsewhere.
The butterflies are gone, I feel peace.

Maybe the anxiety was about landing the job.
Because this outcome feels right.

© annettealaine-2012

2 thoughts on “All’s Right with the Universe

  1. When I went thru a nasty divorce my attorney told me “Everything in the Universe is exactly as it should be.” I almost hit him. I needed him to be as angry and stressed out as I. But he knew better and eventually I thanked him for his wisdom because he was right. Whenever my life gets unbalanced and I feel vunerable, I remember what he told me that day. Nice post! Brings back bittersweet memories for me!

    • It’s always hard when we believe we know what is best for us, and the Universe thinks otherwise. I have learned patience from waiting four years for my husband and I to get our lives untangled and to finally start a life together. At times I wanted to give up, but I kept remembering the voice in my head that said, it will all work out in the end, trust me.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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