The sun is out again on this last day of Spring Break.

I am trying to absorb the rays, to somehow store them deep inside me,

under my skin so that when once again,

when I am forced back into my sealed chamber,

I will glow with light and memories of this past week.

I did not take a grand vacation,

or even an overnight trip.

Instead I went inward.

My vacation was silence, stillness, and rest.

I needed to heal from weeks of constant chaos and stress.

I sat on the porch in the sun and shade.

I watched birds come to the feeder.

The cat at my feet.

I read books, and wrote, and wrote.

I ate when I was hungry,

I slept when I grew weary.

I pushed the ugly aside

and replaced it with beauty.

© annettealaine-2012


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. I love this, and I love your idea of detachment, of not getting sucked in by the dramas of others. Not getting your stuff triggered by other people. Feeling what you feel in the moment, rather than feeling your old stuff. Choosing how to respond rather than out of habit. I wish you success, and joy in it.

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