Chaos with a Side of Mayhem

My status today: “I’ll thank you to keep your chaos to yourself.”

It was another day of the artful practice of detachment. This meant removing myself from drama, confrontation, and chaos.

Another discovery on the long road of transition is when chaos and mayhem swirl around me, I begin to detach naturally.

I will sympathize, support and do what I can to help the person in crisis, but there comes a time when I switch off.  It’s a self-protection mechanism that has been in development for over twenty years.

In the past, when someone needed me I gave of myself, and eventually gave my whole self until I was emotionally sucked dry.

I realize that I can not afford to “let my jug become empty.” I am responsible for the care and keeping of my emotional health. I need to protect myself from emotional burnout.

It was somewhat difficult at first, being a natural “giver” and “fixer,” but I have become very attuned to my inner voice. I no longer wait for the scream, but withdraw when I hear her first whisper: Enough.

© annettealaine-2012


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