DST: One Hour of Chaos

Daylight Savings Time and Mondays always bring me- trouble!

Is there a connection between the start of Daylight Savings Time and the increase of chaos?

Today was a day of chaos and general craziness. Being plunged back into darkness at six a.m, seemed to put everyone in a daze. I was stumbling around and having a hard time waking up. Students were sleepy at eight and jumping around at one o’clock. I am convinced they served pixie sticks and ice cream for lunch.

Then there were the bad drivers. People drifting aimlessly into my lane, sitting at green lights instead of moving. The worst was the bone head who plowed into my husband without even noticing traffic had come to a full stop.

I love long evenings of light, but the older I become, the more I realize how much havoc it creates.
It takes at least a week to get used to the lost hour of sleep. It takes even longer to adjust to the dark early mornings.

I want my hour back, I want my mornings of light back. I want Daylight Savings time to be moved back to April where it belongs!

© annettealaine-2012


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