Spring Dreams

It’s a beautiful Spring day and I’m stuck inside. Trapped in my hermetically sealed office, I look longingly out the window-nose pressed against the glass. I close my eyes and dream of grabbing my bag and walking out of the building.

My clothes magically morph from winter trousers and a boring cardigan to a flirty skirt in a riot of color. My t-shirt is tissue thin and strappy sandals adorn my feet.

I skip to my car, and roll down all of the windows. The roof retracts and sunlight warms my head and shoulders. Like the Don Henley song, I put my Wayfarers on and head to the beach.

The heavy thoughts that have weighed me down float away as the miles increase. I smell the salt in the air and feel the sea air kiss my cheeks. I draw a deep breath and smile.  I’ve come home.

I jump out of the car and run between the dunes until I can see ocean churning and hear the surf as it hits the shore. I walk along the water line in the warm, wet sand searching for sand dollars and perfect shells.
Gulls circle overhead and call loudly to each other.

I look up, suddenly blinking in the glare of  sunlight through the glass. There is no sand, just cold tile under my feet, and gull’s cries are replaced with the clamoring of middle school students as they march loudly through the halls.

Well, one can dream!

© annettealaine-2012


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