Paddling along the river,

fins appear

to the left and right

of the board,

as dolphins race

under the bridge.


Summer Storm

Gray clouds

heavy with rain,

race across the water,

wind pushes nature’s curtain

closer to shore,

the smell of wet soil

rising from the grass~ summer storm


White Birds

Little white birds,

chatter loudly,


diving and grabbing

the little silver fish,

jumping in the air.


Good Morning Sunshine

Day breaks slowly,

with a glimpse of pink,

a shimmer of gold,

as the sun lifts

its sleepy head,

and smiles at me


Jumping Fish

Little fish

leap from the river

into the early morning air,

scales alight,

with the colors of dawn.


Good Day

She nods with a regal dip

of her head,

he briefly touches the brim

of his hat,

they pass each other

every morning

this lady and gentleman,

on their morning constitutional



Kitty watches carefully

as the brush spreads

purple polish onto the nail bed,

then thrusts his paw across the table

waiting for his manicure.


Dawn II

Sun breaks through

the purple clouds

spilling golden rays

on dolphin’s glistening backs~

dawn on the river.