Plainly Visible


for years I was invisible,

and magically things got done,

now I am plainly visible,

as they struggle to fill

my shoes.





Kitty has attitude,

he’s clearly displeased

no one will pet him,

or tend to his needs.




The clotted swirls,

of lies and inneundos,

have been flushed

from my brain,

leaving me,

in blessed, quiet peace.




yet, focused on the horizon,

rowing against the tide,

with favorable winds,


but invigorated to be close to shore,

this confuses,

and it makes perfect sense.




Freedom is in the unknown~

to realize the you possess the key

to the shackles~

that bind you to the past.



Treasure Hunt

Digging down

below the surface,

to discover what’s been hidden,

to open the box,

discover my treasure,

while setting aside

what’s no longer needed

in this quest,

called meaningful life.


Dolphin Dance

Sleek gray backs

rise up

reflecting the sunrise,

as dolphins

dance and play

at dawn


Love is the Root

The words so simple,

the voice gentle and clear:

“Love is at the root of everything.” ~Fred Rogers



We sit in our bubbles,

comfortable and smug,

while babies cry,

and children sit in cages,

because their parents

yearned to be free.