We sit in our bubbles,

comfortable and smug,

while babies cry,

and children sit in cages,

because their parents

yearned to be free.





The scent of peaches

fills the air

as warm, sticky juice

drips between my fingers

tart, yet sweet.


Love is the Answer

The words were simple,

the message clear,

you gotta re-light the fire of LOVE

and we can change the world.



Balm for the Soul

There is a balm,

for the soul,

apply liberally,

to heal wounds,

use often~

the cure is Love.

From Darkness to Light

Only when your step becomes lighter,

and the sun shines brighter,

do you realize ~

how heavy a load

you’ve been carrying

over the rough, uneven stones,

stumbling through the darkness,

wishing for a light.


Morning Sky

I take my morning stroll,,

trying to find the perfect word,

to describe,

the exact color of deep pink

against a turquoise sky.


Love is Blind

Lovers for the ages,

years bring changes

to the mirror,

but never to eyes

filled with love.


Mocking Cat

Mockingbird visits

our balcony each morning,

taunting, teasing,

and frustrating

poor kitty,

who can only watch,

until the bird grows bored,

and flies away.