Water Traffic

Traffic is heavy

along  well-traveled routes~

majestic sloops glide along,

tall and stately,

cabin cruisers

follow their gentle wake,

while kayaks slip silently across the smooth surface

and tourists wave from water taxis.


March Winds

March winds~

blowing at gale force

flipping patio furniture,

snapping flags,

and roaring like a lion,

March winds~

blowing sun-kissed breezes,

puffs of white clouds

ambling slowly across a china blue sky,

like baby lambs in the field.




The Knocks

My Car- My Life:

still filled with the superfluous remnants of the move,

exterior splattered with bird guano,

and the lingering smell of the pizza

that wasn’t for me.




I sit~

in a room drenched with light,

I see~

bright blue sky,

reflected in the smooth river,

This is~

my slice of paradise.


Breakfast with the Dolphins

The river like glass,

a mirror reflecting the morning sun,

its smooth surface broken

into concentric circles,

by a young dolphin,

searching for breakfast.


Turn the Page

The ragged volume

filled with memories,

of joy, pain and sorrow,

the last page a testament of resilience,

and a promise~

of sunny days ahead.




We humans build walls,

to separate –

we create artificial barriers

to keep those different people

from mixing with “us.”

Walls are first created in our hearts

when we divide the human race by-

race, tribe, religion, politics, sex,

then we build a wall to keep

the “others” away.

But travel by air into space-

and notice there are no barriers

on this fragile blue planet.




Today’s Lesson

Lessons learned today:

Save more,

eat less,

stand, don’t sit,

spend more time with loved ones and friends,

find joy everyday~

Celebrate my  resilience.