Choose Love

It makes no difference

whether I win or lose,

it only matters that I choose LOVE in this moment,

Exactly, you say~

it doesn’t matter what I do,

it matters that it’s done

with an abundance of love.




Our truth is what is here and now,

not the past,

because we inflate

what was,

our truth is not the future,

because we can only dream,

of what is to be,

we have only this moment~

to savor what is



So what do we do

with this vivid imagination?

We want to soar,

yet our fear

holds us in check,

so we stay in place,

and stare longingly

at the heavens


Letting Go

Raindrops gather on wood,

afraid to let go,

until one by one,

each droplet falls,

splashing the surface

with a  gentle sigh




It appeared to dance,

this v-shaped leaf

twirling like a graceful dancer,

twisting in the air

as it dipped and swirled

one last pirouette,

before landing

in its watery grave


The Great Battlefield

Seventeen more innocents,

I am drained of all hope,

the words of a hymn

circling through my brain:

this world is one great battlefield

with forces all arrayed,

if in my heart I do not yield,

I’ll overcome someday.

Maybe someday the children

will be cherished,

like those who love their guns



The heart ~

one strong muscle,

pulsing with our life force,

and yet so fragile,

handled with extreme care

as not to cause a break.


Simple Wonders

The simple wonders

of the earth:

spring’s renewal,

summer’s abundance,

autumn’s glory,

winter’s stark beauty,

each season a reminder

to continually evolve.


We Are Dust

We forget that we came from dust~

a mix of minerals,

the stuff of stars,

birth reminds us,

death tells us

who we are,

these moments of transcendence,

can bring us back to our truth


The New Normal

The sign says no dogs,

but the poodle is removed from its stroller,

and sits in a chair

next to it’s owners,

hand fed pieces of meat,

while it yaps at the wind,

polite society be damned.