November Small Stones

Morning walk
in darkness,
looking up at a star-filled sky,
as the waning moon
illuminates my path


I long for crisp air,
tart apples,
smoking bonfires,
that flare when
dried leaves are lit~
Autumn of my memories


Slipping out the door,
Pre-dawn clouds,
burst over my head,
birds stay silent
as the sky cries




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Autumn of Life

One of my favorite writer-bloggers, Katrina Kenison wrote a lovely piece about October days this morning. It made me reflect on my own memories:

After forty years in Florida, I still long for Autumn. I miss its golden beauty, its smells of apples, bonfires and crunchy leaves. The sounds of geese honking and leaves skittering across the lawn.
As our nest emptied this fall, I realized our Autumn is upon us. Though I miss my children- their small selves, this time of year, I relish this new beginning.


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Gray Dawn

                    Silver light,
                                        peeks defiantly
                                                                 around steel blue clouds,
                                                                                                       as rain drops its curtain of gray.
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Cool Morning

Stepped out this morning
into the deliciousness
of cool air and a pink sky


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Friday Afternoon

Late afternoon sun-
welcomed warmth
on my bare legs,
throwing shadows
across the open book,
nestled in my lap


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Standing near the river
warm breeze ruffles my hair
as we watch the sun sink
below the horizon,
staining the sky deep crimson


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Hot, sticky weather~
I’m like a bowl
of soggy cornflakes.


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