Ice Cold

Cold rain

tiny needles of ice,

sting my cheeks

sending chills

deep into my bones



Need a Little Christmas

I need a little Christmas~

a fragrant tree,

some twinkling lights,

the smell of cookies

browning nice,

and a classic carol or two,

to shake off the gloom.



Cold settles around me

like a blanket~

the room turned gray and gloomy,

as fog wraps around our building,

high above the river.




curls into a tight ball,

squeezing himself

into a bed outgrown,

but still craving the warmth

of lamb’s wool.



Sky turns pearl gray

under thick clouds,

silver mist over the river,

as ducks take flight

shaking off the gloom.


The Garden of Your Soul

Tend your garden well~

till the soil of your soul,

plant what brings you joy,

water regularly,

with quiet reflection,

remove the weeds

of negative thoughts,

and your garden will thrive.


The Little Engine that Quit

This little engine

decided to stop

chugging up that hill~

it would make it,

but the cost was too high.



Soup’s On

Wind and rain~

north winds blow,

damp chills the bones,

soup perfumes the air~

a comforting scent of warmth