Breakfast with the Dolphins

The river like glass,

a mirror reflecting the morning sun,

its smooth surface broken

into concentric circles,

by a young dolphin,

searching for breakfast.


Turn the Page

The ragged volume

filled with memories,

of joy, pain and sorrow,

the last page a testament of resilience,

and a promise~

of sunny days ahead.




We humans build walls,

to separate –

we create artificial barriers

to keep those different people

from mixing with “us.”

Walls are first created in our hearts

when we divide the human race by-

race, tribe, religion, politics, sex,

then we build a wall to keep

the “others” away.

But travel by air into space-

and notice there are no barriers

on this fragile blue planet.




Today’s Lesson

Lessons learned today:

Save more,

eat less,

stand, don’t sit,

spend more time with loved ones and friends,

find joy everyday~

Celebrate my  resilience.


Bad Dream- Go Away

I wish I could wake up,

rub my eyes and realize,

it was all a bad dream,

but sadly,

our government has become

a nightmare.



Darkness casts its pall,

across the landscape,

but the voices,

though faint, grow stronger~

the sound of a million feet,

marching together,

towards the light.


False Advertising

Beware of strangers

waving cash around,

promising a trip to paradise,

be skeptical~

of leaky boats,

disguised as luxury liners,

and glossy advertisements

with sand and sun,

when what awaits

is broken glass and shattered dreams.



So Long, Farewell

It’s time to pull the shutters on 2016,

like an overstaying guest,

we wave from the porch,

smiling through gritted teeth,                             imgres

we lock the door,

and sigh with relief-

it’s finally over.